Gopro Camera

My team wants to have a gopro mounted on our robot to get some fpv shots for our up coming competitions and maybe a robot reveal. So we were wondering if we do this for a competition, if the camera on the robot has to be within 18x18x18 and if the camera can run on its own battery or does it need to be powered by the cortex? Thnks in advance.

You can us one as long as it is in 18x18x18. It needs to be ran off its own battery.

Very important note: it cannot have wireless capabilities turned on during a match

Ie: can’t connect it to a computer during a match wirelessly

Didn’t khartik say it can’t run off it’s own battery? Something about no external power sources I can’t remember.

The camera must run off it’s own battery. This is the one exception where something on your robot doesn’t have to run off the power supplied by your 7.2V battery powering the cortex or power expander.

Check in with the inspection team and / or the event partner to clear it with them. Most of us are good with GoPro like things providing they are securely attached.

Comment about the wireless part is also on, it needs to be recording to the SD card. If I catch you streaming to your phone, I’ll make you take it off the robot.

Related to that, I won’t let people attach a phone to the robot due to issues around breaking them. It’s a $600 thing that has a good chance of getting broken, I can just imagine the parent yelling at me.

I can testify that the referees in my area were absolutely ok with me mounting my iPod (granted it does have a super mega ultimate case on it) on the robot to record.

As to angry parents, just say "I have no idea what you’re talking about ¯_(ツ)_/¯ " :smiley:

]rekt ]not rekt [X]tyrannosaurus rekt

@phantom285A LOOOOOOL

Places are different, my event go pro OK, iPhone not. In most cases, I’m the event partner, so I get to decide.