Got it in today!

I’m jealous. I want to get my team cracking at it already this year, but I must wait till next school year. 22 rings!

Cool, my boxes are here and we’ll be putting two sets together next Monday. Any pro tips for assembly?

Very Nice!

4 of my kids put 10 of the 12 objects together in about 1 hour after school, yesterday. I hope to have the other 2 done on Thursday

The pins are new and were a real pain on the bottom of all the posts. Wish I had some gloves, but just couldn’t wait! Everything was pretty easy to get together and built it in a couple of hours during class, so I got interrupted from time to time. My thumbs still hurt a little!

I like the game a lot so far. The reset is pretty particular, but the bonus tray is pretty satisfying to release!

The game does look really cool. I am thrilled that other teams will not a huge impact on your score. Not dealing with a ramp or bridge is really going to help the strong teams. Many times last year, a team’s inability to drive a robot really hurt their partners. I think this is a great improvement on the game.

Many, many, many times… Especially if their partner didn’t show up!!!

I get headaches trying to contemplate what kinds of scores teams will get and the different designs we are likely to see. I do like this year’s IQ challenge due to the simple fact that there is no parking on a ramp! Teams can just focus on trying to score and this year’s challenge will probably foster more diversity in robot builds than in previous years. I am a fan of seeing different robots, versus regurgitated you tube bots. If you’re going to “copy” someone else’s design, try to improve upon it and make it your own, make it unique.

Mentor running the program is a genius. She took apart the instructions and printed 7 sets for the poles, two set for the pole horizons support, etc.We were able to get 12 roboteers working on the entire set of goals and had it mostly done in 90 mins. Need to finish the latch of the dumper. Once we had most of it together, the roboteers were playing the game.

We had a large number of parts left over, are you finding that out also?

Yes! I only have one set together and I was also surprised how much was left over.

Loved watching your video! Very excited. I (and my school) are new to Vex IQ and to robotics in general. We have just completed building and coding our first robots. We are looking to create a team and participate in local competitions next year (we are in So. Cal.) We are about to order to 2017-18 challenge kit, and after having looked at yours, we are curious about the set up. I notice yours is on a table or legs of some sort. We are so short of space, we are concerned where we are going to be able to keep this. I’m guessing it’s not something that we can put up and take down each time we want to use it. Must it be raised off the floor? Can it be on the floor and or can we lean it up against a wall when not in use? Sorry to be bothering you with this, but I’m a newbie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Your video drove my club members crazy since we don’t have ours yet. :wink:

Got the email tracking info this Monday so we are still waiting. Hoping to see it by the weekend. We have a number of ideas floating around but we really need to have the actual game in front of us.

I assembled my Challenge Field Element kit with the assistance of a pen cap to push pins in.