Got my intake working!

Got my intake working! Any tips/critisicm? video

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I would make the plate that the disc rolls up bigger

good job, I recommend using the flex wheel intake though, because it a bit faster, but a good job nonetheless

Especially since the contacts on each disc is maximized at the edges

We have no flex wheels

Okay. Thanks.

20 char

A decent alternative to flex wheels is to use the grey traction wheels with rubber bands over them to give them grip.
Our team doesn’t have flex wheels either, so we are using them instead.

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I would suggest trying the treads pieces instead of flaps on the chain. I would also make the bottom most axel moveable and tensioned down, so that it grips the inside divot of the disk.

Those traction pieces won’t work. And we had a meet today and it worked perfectly so :man_shrugging:t2:. But what do you mean about your last part?

Without flaps most intakes struggle to keep in contact with the discs due to the divot in the middle of the disc. A common solution to this is to make the bottom most axle moveable so that it can move up and down stay in contact with the disc for longer.

The bottom roller on this bot is a good example of this.


Floating intake right?

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I believe that is what is meant by “make the bottom most axle moveable”. Floating intakes are almost always better, even if it takes more effort to tension the drive mechanism for them. Has anyone found a good way to do a floating intake without a chain drive? I’m just curious, not seriously looking into it for competition.


I guess if you really wanted to you could connect it using gears

I was thinking about this, but the gears would need a complicated mesh pattern to remain in contact through the intake’s hinge. If it lifted vertically, it would be near impossible I think.

It’s not floating, just has a ramp below the conveyor and there’s just enough space for the disc to squeeze through. It works like 99% of the time.