Got some of the elements for this game with me. What would you like me to do?

If anyone would like me to test things out for them, give me a shot and I can answer them for you guys. I have 2 balls and 2 caps with me at home.

How do the balls react to a linear puncher?

Do the caps come to rest on their side or the hubs?

I don’t have a puncher with me, so I do not know truly.

I did some testing with a cap on its side. It is impossible for a cap to be on its side, but it is possible for a cap to be purely vertical.

I cannot discuss the mechanisms I would recommend with these objects, but you may ask questions as to how they react to certain circumstances.:slight_smile:

I think he meant do the caps come to rest fully on the core, the core and the rim, or either.

The caps rest at this position 99% of the time

When is the 1% of the time? I cannot get mine to not rest even without the ball up the caps butt.

This is the 1%, which is nearly impossible to do

Ok you got me there

Thank you @[TVA]Connor ,really helpful. Hopefully our objects come soon. The distributor says 1-2 weeks so not long!

No problem! Glad i can help :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great to get confirmation on this. Could you try putting them on rods? I looked like they tend strongly toward the same orientation from what I could see, but we really can’t be sure until we try it out.

This is great! I assumed they were self-righting from the pictures, but it is really helpful information to know they do. (And the only case they don’t self right is when they stand on their edge, so it is easy to tip it over and make it flat again. Sweet!)

huh. interesting. I had expected them to lean, resting half on the core, and half on one of the sides. this simplifies things.

Sorry its probably been answered somewhere already, but i might as well ask.
What were the balls made of?
Where they foam / plastic, hollow / dense.

Whats the friction like for the flags?

balls are hollow plastic, similar in size and weight to a vex iq bank shot ball, or a wiffle ball.

I don’t think @[TVA]Connor has any flags.

@Vyx the friction for the flags is actually kind of stiff. also if you hit the flag too hard it bounces back

In the pictures it shows that a spike in the flag holding thing has to be nested in a grove to be counted as neutral so when ever you hit the flag you have to hit it hard enough so that the spike can either get out of that groove or go past it to the other side