GPS allowed for 15sec auton period?

Will the GPS be allowed for the 15sec auton period in normal non skill matches? I’m pretty sure that it was only allowed in programming skills in Tipping Point, but does this carry over into Spin Up since the new fields have GPS strips installed?

It’s always been allowed in match play, though there is no guarantee whether the code strips will be installed on match fields.


Given the cost of the strips, they should be on every comp field.

Imo RECF should supply them to partners for free - they will easily make the money back and more in more teams buying the GPS sensors.

EDIT: Apologies - I didn’t realise VEX and RECF are not the same / VEX doesn’t supply RECF with materials.

They are built into the new competition fields, and by the way, RECF does not sell VEX Robotics components, RECF is a not-for-profit corporation that makes the competition events possible.


Not sure what this means.

This would be a not insignificant cost for the RECF, and they wouldn’t see a dollar of it come back since they don’t actually sell the GPS strip or GPS , VEX does.

And FWIW — every event partner did get a coupon for one free GPS strip at the start of the 2021-22 season.