GPS cord? purpose?

The GPS sensor comes with a cord. What is its purpose? There no instruction anyway describing its purpose. Does the camera/sensor needs to be externally charged? How do we update firmware to the sensor if and when it is needed? Just some special questions. I had after watching my students use the sensors.


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i think it is the same as the vision sensor, if you plug it in to the computer, you can use it without having to use the brain. it is not necessary, but it makes testing code easier.


that would make it easier to port over code for the students. I’ll have one of the coders try it out. Thanks

Not quite.
I believe it is possible to get video from the vision sensor if you plug it into a computer, but it would just function as a (less than ideal) webcam. It is not similar to the vision sensor, meaning that you can’t program it to detect signatures, as that is not functionality that the GPS has. There is no real purpose to doing this that would benefit testing code.

AFAIK the true purpose of the port is to allow the upcoming VEX AI Stereo Camera to interface directly with the GPS, rather than having to go through the brain, decreasing latency and increasing bandwidth.


The GPS sensor implements USB Video class, so if you connect to PC/Mac you can use quicktime player or camera app on PC (?) to display a live feed from the sensor.


I have tried the camera app with external cameras, they don’t work.

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