GPS data rate

I am trying to make the robot turn to a heading, but whatever I do, the heading desired is never attained. I spent at least 4 hours looking up why and everything is pointing to it being the data rate of the GPS. Is there any way I can edit the data rate to go faster?

This sounds like a problem with your code. What are you using to turn to the angle? Another possibility is it isn’t seeing the GPS strip completely
V5 GPS sensor slow heading update / converging rate

Update!! I did some more fidgeting and realized that for the GPS, I have to use GPS.heading(deg); not GPS.heading(degrees); For some reason, ‘degrees’ doesn’t work, but ‘deg’ does

err, “deg”, “rotationUnits::deg” and “degrees” are exactly the same thing.

from the source code.

    const rotationUnits  degrees       = rotationUnits::deg;
    const rotationUnits  deg           = rotationUnits::deg;

That’s the only explanation that I could think of. In my code, that’s what I did and it worked straight away.