GPS is not working correctly

The GPS thinks it is moving way off the field when it is not moving (to see where the GPS thinks it is: tap the devices button on the home screen, then on the port where the GPS is plugged in.)

You have to configure position and offsets based on where it is on your robot. Put your robot in the center of the field, and mess around with the settings until your x and y are at 0. Heading should be in degrees where the front of the robot is facing (no matter the place on the field) and tweak that until the numbers line up with the approximate position on the code strip.


The robot is in the center, and it thinks it is thousands of miles away.

How are you determining this ?
What does the dashboard show ?
Are all the field strips installed correctly ?


Determining it by taping devices on the home screen then tapping the port the GPS is on.
Also on that menu when trying to have it display the image it sees, it never displays

ok, is vexos fully up to date ? (version 1.1.1)


Vexos is fully up to date

so sounds like a bad gps sensor (or potentially bad port on the V5)
contact vex support and get an RMA.


do they replace the GPS, this GPS is brand new