GPS sensor and white panels vs clear panels

The VEXAI field setup (where the GPS sensor originated before spilling into VRC) comes with white film over the lexan panels that is supposed to stay white. The new plastic field with the imprinted code strip is also white.

My question(s) is does the white wall provide any advantage to the system over the clear wall? Does the b/w camera pick up noise through the clear poly? The VRC rules simply state for skills: “the VEX GPS code strip must be installed on the field” and there is no mention of clear/white walls anywhere (I hope I didn’t miss anything). If one is to host an event, will people get pissed if the walls are not white (or viceversa, sorry have no experience with the GPS sensor and its quirks). Did anyone test with clear wall and white wall and noticed any critical differences?

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The opaque walls are for the AI object recognition system used in VAIC, not the GPS sensor. There is no requirement that the walls be opaque when using the GPS code in normal VRC/VEXU play.


Having participated in the pilot season of AI as an EP and administrator of a team, my understanding is that the white panels had to do with the camera setup that was used during the test season. The camera being used was an off the shelf product that combined with the Jetson allowed for similar feedback to the V5 brain as the planned production product. Background noise was an issue with the Microsoft camera. The focus on the VEX camera is supposed to be optimized to the VRC field size, and therefore not require the whiteout panels in the future.