GPS Sensor Angle Offset Not Applied

I recently ran into a problem where the angle given by GPS sensor was off by 90 degrees. I did set the angle offset angle, as can be seen:

This is not a constant problem as it happens every once in a while, and it gets fixed after a while. Restarting the brain did not seem to be the solution though.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Did you hit “Done” when configuring the GPS Sensor?

Yes, I believe so.
It had been working for a few months before I suddenly got this issue so I’m not sure what went wrong between that time…

Does this happen when you download a new version of your program? Or does it happen randomly with the same program on the brain?

If this is limited to a select program, can you please send it to me?

Downloading a new program doesn’t seem to be the problem. One time the error occurred but when I retried the second time (w/o redownloading the program), it began working. Then another time, the problem did not get fixed even after I downloaded the program again.

Thanks for that info. If the same program, without re downloading, will some times work, then it does not sound like a problem with the code from VEXcode. Instead this sounds more like an issue with how the sensor gets initialized for each run.

We will investigate this issue and let you know.

If you find any patterns for when it does not work, please let me know. More information never hurts when investigating an issue like this.