GPS Sensor Bug

Hi! I just wanted to report a bug I found while using the vex GPS sensor. The angles reported by GPS.heading() / GPS.yaw() in the positive quadrant returned 270-360 whereas they should have returned 0-90. The angles reported are flipped over the x-axis. For now I just used gps.yaw() * -1

That sounds more like a configuration error, is the sensor mounted on the rear of the robot ?


It’s mounted on the side with the setup offset = 0

If it’s on the side, angle offset should be either 90 or 270 depending on which side.

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Oh I see! Thanks for the response, I just got confused setting the offset.

These may help.


We also assumed that the gps would return a negative value. We then found out it didn’t. We then configured our bot to work without the negative values, and when I saw the post my heart dropped.

Oh woah, where are those pictures from?

@jpearman Ahhh I think I worded the bug wrong, I made another post here: GPS Yaw/ Heading Bug

But essentially turning counter clockwise should return increasing angles like on a unit circle e.g. 0, 30, 45, 90, etc. but instead the GPS sensor returns decreasing angles e.g. 0, 350, 330, 270, etc.

turning GPS clockwise gives increasing values, that follows the same scheme we use for inertial sensor and legacy gyro.