GPS Sensor Coding Help

Hi, my team is trying to incorporate the GPS sensor for our autonomous programs, but we are having trouble getting started. Does anyone have an example code that works with the GPS sensor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Btw, the coding program we use is VexCode V5

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hit “file” and “open examples”, hit “sensing” and scroll down and they should have GPS coding examples in VexCode V5. that’s how I learned.


Thanks, I will try looking at those.

Have you guys found the gps sensor helpful and easy to use? What kinds of things do you usually use it for?

I have just looked at one of the example projects on VexCode V5. What’s concerning is that the robot in the example seems to have a lot of devices that we don’t have on our robot (ex: rotation, distance, optical, and bumper). Does the gps sensor work without any of those devices? The only devices we have are motors and the gps sensor.

yes, the GPS works without any of those sensors, it must be just an example robot.

I have found the GPS sensor extremely useful as an accurate substitute for odometry. I have used it in a Pure Pursuit-style path generation functions and for generally finding where the robot is on the field. If you have access to the GPS sensor, I would definitely use it.

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