GPS Sensor issue

We bought a pair of GPS devices; the first one worked great out of the box. The second one may have an issue with the camera; on the Device Manager on the Brain, it can’t display an image of the GPS strip, and the position the Device Manager reports just increases to non-sensical values (e.g. 100 meters in the x/y coordinate plane). I’ve reached out to Vex Tech Support for an RMA on the device. Was wondering if there’s a factory reset option for it @jpearman ? Weird thing is we literally just plugged it into the Brain right from the box…

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There’s no factory reset option, there’s really nothing to reset.

You could see if USB is working, the GPS supports the USB Video Class and you should be able to see real time video using programs such as quicktime on Mac or the camera app on Windows. Everything is tested during production so perhaps a connector or PCBA problem occurred during shipping.


Darn, wish I had known this a while ago…