GPS sensor position is offset

My team’s GPS sensor reads -0.9,-2.4 when its camera lense is at the center of the field. The strips are not misaligned with the foam tiles by that much.
EDIT: The numbers are in inches

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Are there any other teams in your area with gps strips installed? If possible, I would see if this problem is specific to your robot, or it is with your feild

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Is this offset consistent throughout every position on the field?

When you put your robot in a spot that you would expect to read 50, 50 do you see 49.1, 47.6? If the offset is not linear or consistent we may be able to learn something from that?

I do not know what is specifically causing your issues, but more information is always helpful when trying to diagnose an issue.


It is non-linear but the change is neglectable. We simply compensated with a rotating bias.


New here, what does that mean?

basically a vector but it rotates with the robot

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You have the chance here to do an amazing teaching moment for all the roboteers that are thinking about using this sensor.

Can you go into more details what you mean about " We simply compensated with a rotating bias."



This offset could be due to the sensor being offset from the center of rotation on the robot(where the robot turns left and right around and where it likes to be above) and can likely be changed with how the sensor is set up in the code. For example, in the block code, the gps sensor has a setup menu to offset its position and rotation so that it alters its measurements to output the robot’s actual position rather than the sensor’s position. I am not a text coder so I do not know if that has an equivalent.