GPS Sensor USB Cable

Hello, I was looking around and couldn’t find anything on this, however, I was wondering what the purpose of the USB-C cable that came with the GPS sensor is. I understand you can connect it to your computer/laptop, but what type of data can you get from it/how would you get the data?

you can open the GPS as a web cam, ie. it supports usb video class. Use quicktime or windows camera app to display live stream.


Ah alright, thank you. Is it possible to do anything further than see the live stream?

I do not know if there is anything else you can do with the livestream with the cable.

However, in the “Devices” panel of the cortex when the GPS is connected, you can get the livestream of the GPS, and the detected tape in yellow, as well as where the sensor believes where the robot is inside the field. Useful for debugging!