GPS Skills Field Requirement

Good afternoon ( or morning or night idk ) the past competitions ive been to havent had GPS Field Code Strips on the skills field. I have some code using it but I wouldnt be able to use it anyways.

On Appendix B it says GPS Field Code Strips must be installed on the field for progamming skills matches. What should I do about this?

Do your reigonal competitions have GPS Field Code Strips?
  • Yes
  • No

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contact your EP to ask if GPS strip installed

if not, offer to install it at the event for the EP as it is a requirement.

It may be EP does not have the GPS strip, if that is the case offer to bring yours and install it.

Do so in advance of events. EPs have a ton of challenges - as I experienced this yesterday when operational hiccups were non-stop as we have not had a normal event since Feb 25 2020.

Hope this helps!