GPS strip mounting

Just because it isn’t 100% clear from the stuff on, side 1 goes on the blue alliance wall?

yes, considering that in the appendix the right side of the field is blue alliance, strip 1 is on blue

How do you figure? I am still unclear myself.


On numerous portions of Appendix A, the “right side” of the field is shown as blue, lining it up with the picture of what field code goes on what side, Blue side is 1, red side is 3, and so on.


I had to think about this (too early in am for me). But I believe I see it now – the AWP line in both diagrams helps to align the strip arrangements. Is that what you are seeing as well?

I am 100% sure that is the intention, but since there is no definitive answer in either the game manual or appendix a, thought I might have missed something. I guess it’s time for a q&a just to take out any doubt.

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