GPS Strips Install

The instructions for the GPS strips reference a hook and ladder system for holding them up, but mine came with Velcro. I looked at a couple posts but the pictures they show have last year’s game, so I don’t know where the 0 strip should go first. Thus, my questions that require assistance are as follows, and I thank you for any info you can provide:

  1. Where does the velcro go?
  2. How do I know which strip goes where?
  3. Why aren’t there updated instructions sent with strips, or a link to access proper instructions with the package?
  4. Is it really possible to, using the inertial sensor with the GPS sensor, to know your location and direction at any time, as well as tell the robot to go to any location and face any direction at any time?


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i thought the forum was read only now?

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As far as I’m aware it never was you may have just been muted


“Velcro” is a brand name; “hook and loop” is the generic term for that fastener.

0 degrees is the head ref’s side of the field; 90 degrees is where the blue alliance drivers stand; 180 degrees is the audience side of the field; 270 is where the red alliance drivers stand. Somewhat confusingly, strip 1 goes on the 90-degree side, strip 2 on the 180-degree side, and so on.


Thank you! Where does the head ref stand for this year’s game? A drawing would be a big help for installation.

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there was a announcement that the forum would be permanently down, then it was edited to say it is available with moderation

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The head ref always stands opposite the audience side of the field, with the red alliance drivers on the head ref’s right and the blue alliance drivers on their left.


There were pictures of the relation of the strips/field sides in our kit. Go back and take a close look.

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There’s a knowledge base on how to install the GPS Field Code Strips. (yes, hook & loop is the generic name, we use Velcro brand mostly, but not all the time, so the generic name is used).

For the orientation of the 0 degree mark relative to the field elements, refer to the game manual.
Appendix page A-6 shows it (VRC 2022-2023 season, it’s game specific)

As a side note, the portable field has the GPS Field Code printed on it already, so the GPS Field Code Strips are only needed for the metal fields.

Thats pre cool. :slight_smile: im gonna do the same