GPS Strips not sticking to the Velcro tape well

I just recently got the gps sensor and was having fun with it, but after driving for a while and crashing into the wall a few times I noticed that the gps Velcro tape wasn’t holding and it kept letting the gps strips fall to the ground. I even tried putting the Velcro the other way and it still didn’t work. Is there any legal thing that I can help better attach the gps tape to the wall?

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With any type of adhesive installation cleaning is paramount. So make sure a clean surface before placing wall side velcro on metal surface and cleaning the GPS strip side as well.

That said, is the velcro adhesive failing, or velcro detaching? or both? hard to tell from photo, but it does appear that at least one mount point the adhesive failed on the GPS side. For that one, you might try applying a strong adhesive after cleaning any residue on the GPS strip - on the velcro side, I would worry about damaging it too much.

You can replace the velcro - nothing in the rules specify that this is illegal. Some have proposed magnetic mounts so their perimeters do not mucked up from old adhesive.

If you have V5 GPS sensor, maybe you can code a crash detection so you do not damage your bot or field as much :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Not just a problem you’re having — we haven’t really ran anything and all 4 strips came completely off, adhesive didn’t hold. We’re still debating between trying to apply something really sticky or looking for magnet strips, if you find something that works, feel free to share lol


The issue is the adhesive on the strips, and I just put them on yesterday, all clean and new. Thanks for the suggestions!


I really hope this issue doesn’t happen to everyone, and I will share what works best in the future!


You are not the only one and a clean surface isn’t working for me. I have these coming on Monday

fasten mine on. I’ll post on how I make out with them. I figure one ever 12" should be more than enough to get the strips to stay.


Thanks! Let me know how it goes

Thinking about this more, if you’re doing this how I think you are, I’d be worried a robot running a programming skills run bumping against one of the magnets and the magnet imparts just enough force to throw off the routine. Obviously the aluminum structure is nonferrous, but I think the screws and stuff can still be magnetized.


I think this could be avoided with a distance sensor, but your point makes sense

I’m always of the mindset to not cause problems. I’ll check the IMU to see if cruising by the magnets will be an issue.

Of course VEX (the MFG) and RECF (the people requiring their use this year) can always jump in here and say what a better fix is. :slight_smile:


My bigger concern is if a robot drives into the perimeter to align against it and then drives away, but they happen to have a screw bump up against a magnet in just the wrong way so instead of driving directly perpendicularly away, they come away at a slight angle, if that makes sense.

I’d say just get a ferrous screwhead and put it up against the magnet and see if it takes a non-negligible amount of force to separate it. If it does, it’s possible it would cause a problem in an actual event. I expect if the magnets are strong enough to keep the strip in place with robots ramming into the perimeter, it’s gonna be strong enough to cause issues.

Really wish it wasn’t on the EPs to try to come up with hacky fixes to this problem.


You know EPs can reach out to the RECF Event Engagement Manager and the more of them who push VEX Robotics to propose solutions. Also, pretty sure RECF has been hearing about this - RECF EEM and TEM don’t post to the forum as a matter of policy.


I would think the 3M Dual Lock might be a better system than velcro. This is the stuff that E-Zpass uses to affix transponders to glass wind shields.



Issue isnt the velcro parts coming apart, its the glue holding the velcro to the strip and the wall coming apart. In fact when I stick and then try to separate at the velcro part, the glue parts first.

And I’m sad by the prior comment about the RECF RSM/ESM having fixes. I’d like to think that if this an issue that RECF has known about and has a fix for they would have posted it here or in one of their semidaily email blasts. Or as a response to the Q&A about this falling off the wall. Or some other method.

But I’m ever hopeful that we’ll get a response.


I did not mean to imply they have fixes, but are probably aware of this issue. Sorry if it came across as that they had a fix.

My point is we raise the issue, propose solutions to make it work this season.

Perhaps the 3M Dual Lock adhesive formulation will work better. It has worked in a hostile environment (cars, -40 to 120+ F.

At this point, early season, just keep one field up with GPS strips as best as possible.


Yeah the adhesive on that stuff is way strong, I have damaged walls with it before.


Sorry, that was my take away. Lets see if the handful of RECF people that do read this respond.

I’m a huge fan of the double lock velcro, it’s a great way to snap things together. But I’ve never had success with fabric, pulling the velcro apart is difficult. It seems to work best with two hard surfaces. But I have a few feet of the lighter pull doublelock, so I’ll also give that a chance,


Last night was trial night. Put magnets on the GPS sign in the 1x1 squares every 12"

Tests were

  1. Do the magnets change the IMU positioning for Auto mode.
  • No and we actually put magnets around the IMU and there was no real change.
  1. Play a match and try to rip the GPS off the wall.
  • Teams spent time trying to get the GPS sheet off, with no success.
  1. Pull the magnets off the wall.
  • Most of our teams have steel bases and aluminum arms. There was not an easy way to get to the wall since the arms are inside the 18" width so side swipes are not an issue. Face on scrapes do work, but the magnets slide along the strips. You need multiple screws side by side to take the magnet off the wall.

We have an event coming up in a few weeks , I’ll run some scrimmage matches with magnets sprinkled along the floor.

But presently, the magnets seem to be an inexpensive solution that does not interfere with match play.


That sounds like a nice solution – what did you use to attach the magnets to the field code strips?

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Can you please post pictures and catalog specs for the magnets.

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