Grabbing Cubes

I’m coming up with ideas for things like the drive base and the lift, but I’m coming up with barely any ideas for grabbing cubes. One idea I had was a claw of variants (not sharing too much about it) and that’s probably it next to a roller intake. The big road block in my brain is the fact that cubes can be picked up from either the sides or the edges. Does anybody have any ideas for a cube intake/grabber system, that ends up with the cubes in the same orientation?

I had a similar train of thought but I think manual claws would be a bit too slow. I’m thinking a passive lock with a manual release to drop the cubes. Keep in mind that there are tons of cubes — it probably wouldn’t be fun opening and closing a claw 2-3 times per cube.

I think the indents in the cubes are going to be the primary solution as to how to actually pick them up.


As with the bulk of all VEX games… rollers will find a way.


This game is very similar to VIQC Highrise so I would take inspiration from that


Well, we have to remember that this game was built to be played by a clawbot. My go-to suggestion for my (much less experienced) sister teams will just be to build a claw on a 4-bar.

Also, I notice the cubes are already stacked to start with. (Albeit not really in useful formations. Purposefully.) I wonder if we’ll see Round Up style ring-grasp cages?

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With no maximum capacity you’ll see some Skyrise and Highrise elements.

Also expect to see some Round Up type mechanisms


Right now I’m intrigued by the idea of a passive, ratchetting roller system with some sort of release. The key is that in high level bots the lighter the manipulator the better since it needs to be lifted so high… Unless you stack by inserting from the bottom - but then the challenge is to keep the top steady.


One side of the funnel at a angle, the other flat, it should work

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