Grabbing Mechanism

Tall668 EBS
Hi, my team are the first British Champions and we are going to the worlds quite soon.

We have several ideas for our grabber, but I was wondering which you would think would be the best.

We are probably going to go for a tank tread arm design. What sort of arm do you think most teams will have? and could you see any problems with a tank tread arm?

Finally, is the standard at the world’s generally a lot higher than at regional’s, since I don’t want to get annihilated

Thanks a lot

Tall668 EBS

From what I have seen so far, a great bunch of teams at Worlds will have a six bar linkages
As shown here

My opinion on the standard tank tread arm would be that it is a very viable design for gateway. On the other hand I have a few cons

  • These robots need a fold out mechanism to descore special barrels efficiently
  • These bots are fighting gravity intaking and outtaking which could amount to needing more precision while driving compared to others
  • Other robots could be able to score over you due to their intakes having a height advantage or their arm could simply be long enough to reach over you

I have only been to Worlds once but from my experiences I concluded that the standard at worlds is much higher than my regionals I competed at throughout my career. I do not know what the competition level is in your region but I presume that the standard at worlds could be/probably is considerably higher than your region. I can not say if your going to be annihilated or not because I have not seen your bot or know the strategies you have.

Though Worlds is a great experience itself for all, and I would highly recommend attending just for that fact.

I’d say that the best design for high efficiency scoring would be a 6-bar linkage combined with side rollers. However I’d say that this design takes a bit of time to perfect. The peak efficiency of a tank tread design is a lot more doable and a well built tank tread robot is certainly formidable.

Most teams will probably have robots that look like the robots in the New Zealand Robot World Cup:

There is a lot of documentation in past threads around on the forums if you want to try the side roller design, but I would suggest the tank tread design for the sake of time constraints. The biggest issues with tank tread designs is making pick up very efficient which I notice is usually the biggest problem with tank tread designs. With the side barrels especially, it might be necessary to be a bit creative with how to deal with that problem.

The standard at Worlds will be far higher than any regional most likely and if you are truly the first British champion then you may see some designs and robots that you haven’t seen before. Having said this, this is not a reason to not come to Worlds, if anything this is why teams comes to Worlds. They want to see new designs that their region has never seen before, they want to test out their strategies on robots and teams they’ve never seen before and overall I’d say that even though it’s my 3rd year at Worlds, I’m still ridiculously excited to attend! Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

In my region I have seen an even amount of the six bar linkages and the conveyor belt system. I have also seen a metal slider system (excuse my lack of proper terminology). 1064A utilized the metal slider system very well. Most teams preferred the six bar linkage system. It is a nice way to make the bot compact but as SweetMochi said, it does take some time to perfect.

When I refer to conveyor belt system, I mean a bot that uses a conveyor system (obviously) but doesn’t utilize any part of the six bar linkage system. Some of the conveyors fold in half or slide out and can easily reach the 30’ goals when extended. The only problem is that you can’t pick up side barrels very easily.

If you want to change your arm back to the tank treads/conveyor system, that would probably would be the easiest and quickest to do.

And yes, Worlds will hold you to a higher standard. It is going to be really fun though and you’ll get to learn a lot. So you should not only come for the competition but also the learning experience.

Tank treads seem to work fine. What we call (on the forums) NZ designs (because they were popularized after the New Zealand World Cup) are by far the most common, though.

As far as level of difficulty: It depends on who’s in your division. Our division last year was just a bit harder than our region, but we have some great teams in our region… (12, 24(but we didn’t get to play against them last year), 177, etc.)
^Correct link…


Thanks for youroyur help,

We are going for a tank tread grabber. It doesn’t extend, but can comfortably reach the highest goal. I have never programened before and only have 1 week to write the code any tips?

Tall668 EBS

P.S standards at Uk champs was poor only five temas out of 23 could reach the highest goal

easyC or ROBOTC?


It’s easyC V2

if u have any problem find my team 64 and ill show u how to program basics on easyc making a drive program takes about 5 minutes

Thak you for your offer of help,

I could not find you on the team list wiki.

ANy help would be much appreciated

Tall668 EBS

we are a first year team and just haven’t made one yet
this isnt my first year though

Thank you, any help would be much appreciated.

If you need any help building, here is my robot:
Feel free to ask any questions.

That robot is very similar to ours, do you have any stability problems with 4 omni wheels. Also, are you a high school or a middle school team?

Tall668 EBS

No problems with the drive. We are a high school team going to world.