Grabbing things with enough clearance

This years game involves picking things off the floor (as Vex games always do). The challenge however is how to mount the arm/lift so that you will have enough clearance to get on to the parking tiles. Since the lift has to be about 2 inches off the ground in order to get on to the tile, we’re planning to offset our elevator by having a larger final stage that would be lower (and can be lifted to get enough ground clearance when mounting the tile). What are some of your ideas?

ahh… hadn’t thought of that yet… I think I’ll just raise my lift slightly when driving up the platform.

Why not just drive backwards? While some teams may have intake rollers and such on the back, its easier than going up the platforms with a fork-like object close to the ground…

true, but at an angle, your intake could drag across the ground.

Rubber bands with a hinge? Could many intakes in place while in the food, but would give in the back of a robot trying to climb up the platforms. Many other solutions too.

Then make your lift able to raise up while still being in 18x18