Grant Imahara VEXplorer Contest

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Anyways this contest was to take the VEXplorer kit and build something different. Contests had to submit a proposal on what they were going to do with the VEXplorer kit. Grant Imahara then choose several, no idea how many, proposals and those contestants received VEXplorer kits and $100 worth of parts from Today was the deadline for submissions of their final design. Contestants had to submit a video to youtube of their robot. Here are some of those submissions: This one is made by Cranbrook Robotics Students(people on my team)

and a video from Grant:

Official contest rules etc. [here.

If I missed your video I’m sorry.](“”)

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anyways, congrats to everyone for making it this far! ive seen every video and they are amazing!

i wish it was open to canadian citizens

i just watched all of the videos. some are pretty good, but only one really stood out. Gustavo Gorektin’s ChemBot was the most complicated, worked the best, and accomplished the most difficult task, as well as having a very good render + animations.
i noticed that just about all of them implemented a claw on the robot. some, were simple, with just a driving base and a claw on a pivot. but i guess having a 6 function limitation makes things harder.

Well I still haven’t found where the results have been posted but our kids have been notified that they recieved second place.

Congratulations to Jared and Tom!

Their Video.

yeah, their’s was another one of the better robots. i think it was the only walking one. This one is made by Cranbrook Robotics Students(people on my team)

and a video from Grant:

Official contest rules etc. here.

If I missed your video I’m sorry.

Although I did not enter the contest, I posted some Vexplorer modifications using a Lazy Susan that gave the Vexplorer’s robot arm 0:360 degree panning (Azimuth) capability. This allows me to pick up objects at almost any angle using the camera and RC remote. My current Vexplorer project is to make it programmable for autonomous operation. You can see the photos in the Gallery using the following links:

I placed third! That was so cool.

Congratulation on you design and win…

The video is real informative!!

Thanks, I was thrilled to be picked and gave it my all. I had a blast and have no regrets. Grant Imahara is an amazing person who I do envy.


That’s excellent! I congratulate you. Now you may want to try other contest such as those sponsored by Circuit Cellar, Microchip, Freescale and NASA. I was able to get to the second phase of the Microchip PIC32 Design Challenge with my Vex based SunBot and also have entered the NASA Future Design Contest, which only requires you to propose “ideas”, so if you have any good ideas that could eventually lead you to getting Patents like Thomas Edison did a century ago you can submit them or have your parents submit them for you if you are under 18.

I considered entering Microsoft’s Imagine Cup but since I’m leading our VRC team and taking some homework intensive classes I dont think I’ll have time.