Graphical RobotC autonomous start with button on controller

Hey guys. I’m a first year coach/teacher/mentor using VEX EDR in my classroom. I have a group of students on Mondays and Tuesdays that are working with the EDR system. We have the “rumbler” robot built, but they are getting tired of free driving it. I’m looking to have them program their bots with Graphical RobotC to run an autonomous program that will navigate obstacles.

Since I don’t have a background in programming and am trying to figure this out to relay it to the kids, I’m here looking for some help. I’m familiar with general drive and turn commands. My main goal is to figure out how to start an autonomous program using the 8U button on the controller. Which block(s) do I need at the beginning to run the program from the 8U button?


You could probably do something like this:


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Awesome! Thank you. I will try that and pass it on to the kids.

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Thank you again, GBR! This really helped to deliver a solid intro to programming to my students. The VEX community is awesome!

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