Graphical Robotc

Are there rules or constraints for Graphical Robotc in terms of downloading to a Vex EDR cortex robot? Do you need encoders attached for it to work? We are on Windows 10 desktops, set to USB only, and when we download a simple program such as forward for 2 rotations, etc., we get no response from the Vex robot. We are having issues with robots running it…we have no issues with regular RobotC. Thanks for your help!

Although I dont have much experience with Graphical ROBOTC, this likely sounds like a coding problem. You are not required to have any sensor or motor on your robot in order to download and run a program, but they may be required to run the program correctly in terms of what was programmed to the bot. If necessary, open up the debug stream and, while the robot is connected to the computer, open the live sensor value tab to view the live values of the sensors. If you see a -1 of the encoder then it is likely not connected. Try swapping the two pins on the ports and see if it works. If it is not the encoder that is broken it is highly likely that theres a problem with the program.
Edit: Im not near my computer so I dont know the absolute path of where to find the sensor value feed, but I wanted to provide a quick response

Thank you I appreciate it, I have the Sensor Debug window open and I can see the power to the motors and the encoder values; this is so strange.

Would it be possible to paste the code or upload the file of the program being used?

Here it is, very simple program, but I have not used Graphical before, just text based RobotC.
I’m a new user, so forum will not yet let me upload a file. Below hopefully is a screenshot.


My guess is that without encoders, the Cortex does not know when rotations are or aren’t complete.
Try changing it to seconds rather than rotations.


Ok, will try tomorrow. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it, as I am trying to personalize learning for some of the students with this version.