grapling hook

Hey guys its me again. I was wondering if there was a way to launch a “grapling hook” type devive into the air about 10 feet I altready have a idea for the robot this would be on so dont worry about that. thanks in advance


maby you can try and ues a spring loaded devive with a servo motor to launch it…but i am not shure if it will work

you could make a type of device lie a pitching machine where the hook is squezzed between 2 moving wheels.

just my thought


i would try to make a rubber band loaded shooter here was one i built for a marble shooter

take a piece of pvc pipe, a dowl rod that would just fit inside the pvc pipe enough so it would slide, and some rubber bands. you would attach the rubber bands to dowl rod and the very end of it, you would also attach the rubber bands to the pvc pipe, then you put the dowl rod through the pvc pipe the you would pull down the dowl rod (while its in the pvc pipe) and you would drill a hole through the pipe. you would then put a pin trough the hole to hold the dowl rod down you could pull the pin using a servo

if that made any sense at all to anyone

Just always remember when launching hard-projectiles to be safe. Something like this could be VERY dangerous.


ibot, i see what you are saying, and it seems like a good idea.

Looks back at the 2004 (?) FIRST game “Triple Play”, for a number of nifty ways to raise a grappling mechanism WITHOUT shooting it.

~ Christopher

just for knowledge, 2005 was called Triple Play, 2004 was… i cant find it.

but he is right, 2004 would definatly have interesting grapple/winch ideas.

The 2004 FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) game was called “FIRST Frenzy - Raising the Bar”, and involved small (13") playground balls worth 5pts, large (30") multiplier balls (the same as the Atlas ball in the current FVC game) that doubled the points of any balls in the same goal as it, and a 10-foot high hanging bar.

The 2005 FRC game was “Triple Play”, and it involved 30" tetras being placed atop larger tetras, in a 3x3 pattern. Essentially it was a 3D tic-tac-toe game.


When you are as old as I am, you start to confuse these things. Yes, I meant 2004, “Raising the Bar.” There were some very inventive methods of raising a mechanism up to the bar.

~ Christopher