Grappling Hook

I was wondering if anybody who still had their linear puncher from Nothing But Net could try to make a grappling hook? It would be simple as removing the stop for the puncher, and adding a hook on to the puncher’s head. I just want to see how feasible this is. Thank you!

It wouldn’t be that simple, if I understand the system correctly. The stop is what allows the elastic to stay in place and not just fall off. You’d have to do something to the other end as well (just so motors wouldn’t be under constant load).

Shooting a hook is possible, aiming it correctly would be a bit difficult, in my opinion.

This is assuming you want a Batman-Style grappling hook.

I built one of these systems for this competition, but unfortunately took it apart too soon to test this. Assuming what you mean is the launcher shooting a hook where it would launch the ball, distance would not be that great. The distance of launch on ours is about 17 feet (arc roughly calculated). But you are launching more than just a ball, you are shooting a hook plus rope. I can near guarantee that a grappling hook and 17-ish feet of rope will weigh more than a ball, decreasing your range. Assuming again that your robot is only a launcher, a winch to climb, rope and grappling hook, your winch needs to lift all that weight, making your rope heavier, making a stronger winch, stronger rope. It would be hard to put in perfect equilibrium without having the motors burn out. I didn’t calculate much, but I might try to build a Adam-West Robot if I can find the time.

Question: what are you planning on doing with such a device?
I’m going to assume that you are: A) Using the hook to retrieve stars B) using the hook to hang or C) just making it for fun.
In the case of C, why not go for it. In the case of A, I would be very cautious of the thing because it might touch your scoring zones and get you DQed and in the case of B, this is an innovative way to go about hanging, but I don’t see it as feasible considering how perfect the launch and aim would have to be to get it to work.

more details on that, here are some up close of the hook and launcher I got at champs this year

Mostly just for fun. I just wanted to see how feasible a grappling hook is. A lot of my team members are considering a grappling hook, though I’m trying to prove that however innovative it might be, its not going to be efficient.

Assuming that this would be intended to grapple on to the pole and hook on like a claw, as would the grappling hook pics from 118’s frc bot pictured in collins post above, grappling hooks are relatively feasible. While a grappling hook that was actually a hook that would hook the top of the pole would be amazing and win ALL of the awards, i very much doubt its accuracy. By just firing the claw design at the topish area of the pole, and making sure you have an insane number of rubber bands to snap it shut when the pole knocks out the brace, it could be a very effective climber, requiring you to easily winch yourself up, possibly with one motor. In addition, the release can be triggered by this one motor with relative ease, making a fast, motor efficient climber. I for one will definitely be prototyping this.

Honestly, I think a grappling hook would be very efficient. Let me explain…
I think a grappling hook could be done by either a spring(If legal) or rubber bands by a slingshot-type mechanism. The launcher doesn’t have to have too many rubber bands, and could launch by just one pneumatic reservoir to release the hook. Then, as I said in another thread, you could use a nylon string to pull the robot up.