Gratitude and fluffery

Over the past year, we have enjoyed the gracious assistance from a number of people/teams, including some of those who visit this forum. In particular, one individual and one team (unrelated) have gone over the top to bless us in ways that go above and beyond the call of duty. While I don’t want to put them on the spot (one specifically requested anonymity), I wanted them to know that these acts of kindness are greatly appreciated and not taken for granted. While we’re not in a position to “pay them back”, I would like to think that we will do our best to “pay it forward” and bless someone else down the line.

On a lighter note, the end of the school semester brings a desire to procrastinate, and silly songs are an effective way to avoid doing something more productive (I still have 2 finals to grade :frowning: ).

December 2010 - The Robomom Version (to be sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas)

In the month of December, events that are/were to be:
12 dozen cookies (aka, a gross)
11 guests for dinner (I cheated – this was Thanksgiving)
10 assignments graded
9 choir rehearsals
8 robot build days
7 days of houseguests
6 gifts to purchase
5 choir sings
4 children’s crafts (for 40 kids)
3 math tests
2 robot tourneys
and a son home from university

I am glad your being Thankful and having a brief break before those last two finals…