Grease On gears

Can we use lithium grease? if so how much?

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Section B of R7 of the game manual states.
“Any non-aerosol based grease or lubricating compound, when used in extreme moderation on
surfaces and locations that do NOT contact the playing field walls, foam field surface, Cubes, or
other Robots.”


You can use non-aerosol based lubricants.

I like the graphite powder. Downside is it’s black and will get all over everything if you are not careful. A 2 oz tube should last you about a decade.

so we can use lithium grease on some gears but not a whole bunch.

Yep, non spray, so it’s the little tube that looks like toothpaste. Don’t use it as toothpaste, the food hits it and comes flying out of your mouth : - ) .

Warning… You need to check axles after matches. Lithium grease is sticky, so if you are driving it you will start to pick up fibers, sand, grit, animal and human hairs, and other icky stuff. So twice a competition, check the joints and pull the crud out. Of course this means don’t drive it on carpet, beaches, etc.


So I can’t go joy riding by the ocean, that’s a shame :frowning:


Yep and as much as I love “Shop Dogs” you gotta vacuum the floors, even though he’s a good boy, but the fur and moving parts …

Just shave your dog, easy solution…

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Always unintended consequences … that is a Husky.


Thank you very much. Good luck on further comps

I feel bad for that dog


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