In the rule R7 b it states

“Any non-aerosol-based grease or lubricating compound, when used in extreme
moderation on surfaces and locations that do NOT contact the playing field
walls, foam field surface, Discs, or other Robots.”

Would you recommend using grease on the flywheel axel to reduce friction and if so what grease do you use?

Not directly on the flywheel as it would be contacting game elements but not a bad idea for the flywheel axles if you are not doing a direct 3600 rpm drive.


Our team uses lithium grease, but powdered graphite is another lubricant you can use.
Another tip you can use to decrease flywheel friction is if you have a motor on a shaft that goes between two c-channels, you only need a bearing flat on the c-channel opposite the motor. The motor can hold the shaft in line and the extra bearing flat is just extra friction.

Yes I would. Our team has found success with 3 in 1 as the stuff permeates through the bearings really well.