Greasing advice (linear slides and internal motor gears)


I currently have a system involving linear slides that needs to be lubricated. Also, I have a 393 motor that is slower than all my other 393s. All of them also drive one thing each. I’ve concluded that I’ll need to open the motor up and give it some lubrication. But whats the right and legal way of greasing each of these? I know the rules say “any non-aerosol based lubricant used in extreme moderation” is legal, but whats a specific brand/type I can use for each one and how?


P.S. I’d prefer something I can obtain from a store in Canada.

Well we greased every axel and liner slide. I think out robot is extreamly smooth. this is what we find the best. The way we put it on was by a Syringe kind of like this [ um if u have any questions send me a message. hopes this helps:)]( um if u have any questions send me a message. hopes this helps:))

Just going to second what Nebraska Nerd Herd said, lithium grease is your best bet for your applications. You can find it just about any hareware store and it works really well.

our robot runs great with this grease!

Alright. Lithium Grease it is. But are we all 100% sure it’s legal? I want to be sure.

As always, the only way to be 100% sure is to ask a question in the official Q&A.

as in rule <R7> e. Any non-aerosol based grease, when used in extreme moderation on surfaces and locations
that do NOT come into contact with the playing field walls, foam field surface, game objects, or
other robots.

Lithium is legal we have never been told any different. Maybe Karthink could tell us?

Well, Good enough for me. Thanks all!:slight_smile:

My team uses WD40 and it works like a charm
Just apply some to your linear slides and they’ll run along smoothly
As for your 393 I have no idea I have no greased them before I just use them they way they come out of the box

for our linear slides we used graphite powder as lubrication and it worked wonders but be careful it gets everywhere. you cna find it at your local hardware store as well (its made to lubricate locks)

WD40 is good to our team for out lithium grease works the best.

You want to be *careful *with this stuff. Tournament directors and referees take a dim view of things that would mess up the field.

If you started leaving graphite dust on MY fields, the referees would invoke R3 pretty much instantly.

it does get everywhere and eventually goes away because of the fact its powder

agreed! i tried graphite and my team and i desided its a bad idea becasue it does get everywhere

So dry lubricate is allowed?

In what way is WD40 not an aerosol?
I recommend not bringing it to competitions, so you are not tempted to apply it at competitions.