Greasing Delrin slides for worlds

For worlds, are we allowed to use grease or any other substance that allows us to move our Delrin slides and linear slides more smoothly?

Yes they’re allowed, in “extreme moderation”.
Our scissor lift wouldn’t survive without grease.

Any non-aerosol based grease, when used in extreme moderation on surfaces and locations that do NOT come into contact with the playing field walls, foam field surface, game objects, or other robots.

thanks. But what do you mean by “extreme Moderation”?

If it’s dripping on the floor, it’s too much. If I can see it, it’s possibly too much.

If we don’t even know it’s there, you’re fine.

Basically you can’t dump whole bottles of the stuff on your robot. Probably what you think is reasonable and needed will be fine.

Thank you for the clarification. This will help alot.

Lithium grease tubes you can get at Home Depot works great. The application can be tough to make it not quite so “liberal”. A light amount on the track and the green Delrin blocks in the new linear sliders is enough. metals to metal on the old ones works good too, but ensuring you don’t deflect the metal on the old style slides works even better (no pinch points so grease is not as necessary).

Just make sure you don’t touch any robots or field elements with the grease.