Great opportunity for VEX Pro users!

I’ve been working on trying to stream video from a webcam connected to my VEX Pro back to my pc and into RoboRealm - an image processing software that is capable of controling your robot. I saw this project in a write-up of the VEX Pro in the March/April issue of ROBOT magazine. So far, I’ve been able to stream the webcam video into RoboRealm, but I’m stuck on getting the variable information back to my VEX Pro for use in my program.

I tried contacting the authors of the article for help, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. I also tried contacting RoboRealm to see if they could offer any help. They said that they would try working the purchase of a VEX Pro into their budget and would work on adding an interface for it to RoboRealm. They said to check back in 3 months for an update.

Now for the opportunity I mentioned above. The more people they have requesting this, the more priority it will be given. So if there are any other VEX Pro users interested in doing image processing, please contact Steven Gentner <[EMAIL=“”]> at RoboRealm and let him know. RoboRealm is really easy to use and has great tutorials!