Great Resources for VEX

I’ve found that many people are posting for help, or trying to create new communities, I thought it would be helpful to create a growing list of resources for VEX that ** Anyone ** could add too!

The Vex Teams of the World Facebook Group:
The Bots n Stuff Skype Group:
The VEX Discord Chat:
Here’s a non-expiring invite link to the Discord Chat:
The VEX Subreddit:
@PixelToast 's VEX Wiki:
1575’s Private Chat:
The Official VEX Wiki:
The BNS CAD Library by @LegoMindstormsmaniac :
The Hackathon Hackers VEX & FIRST Facebook Group:

Cody’s Youtube Channel:
The VEXCast (disbanded):

I hope all of these resources are helpful to you and if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to add them!

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Thanks for adding these links. Now anyone can find some resource to help them other than the Forum.

Very nice

wait so vex cast is officially dead now?

Welllllllllllllll. The scheduling kept falling apart every time and we seemed to get more positive responses on the shows we didn’t put any work into and always got meh reactions to the ones that were in line with our vision of what it should be. (also no one ever seemed to want to talk)

I could do live question and answer sessions on twitch or youtube under the VEXCast name but that is the most that we will probably ever happen.


Mariner(Mukilteo) Robotics Youtube channel:

Your videos are very helpful! Thanks

:confused: Austin

i second that…

Hey everyone,

I thought I’d update this list with more useful information!

VTOW Coding Libraries:
PROS Github:
PROS Documentation:
A new link for the Discord Chat:

Autodesk Inventor for Students:

SolidWorks for Students:

Matlab for Students:

Matlab, Solidworks, and Inventor are free for VEX Competitors.

If there’s any other interesting links/things to add, feel free to contribute this.

Thanks for making this Harrison!

I am trying to find the 2016 BNS parts library… where is it located?

Is there no resource specifically for VEXU teams?