Great things that happened this season

So, I started a thread that wasn’t encouraging to everybody it was just to talk about our angers. But that discussion helped nobody and most likely hurt people who helped organize this seasons worlds. So I want to try and make up for that by starting a thread that will actually help and encourage. So let’s just talk about the amazing that happened to us in vex this year. So my amazing experience this year was double qualifying for worlds at state.


My amazing experience this year was all that I learned at the competitions that I went to! I was able to learn so many new building techniques and meet many amazing people along the way!!


This was my first year competing and being team captain. I definitely had some struggles, especially in relation to competitions, but i ended up getting close with my three best friends because of this year. I had known 2/3 of them from last year when I tried vex out for a few weeks, but I was never close with either of them. This year, we spent hours a day together which eventually led to us getting really close and now they are my favorite people. One of them introduced me to another friend at another school and her and I are super close now too. So my biggest accomplishment this year was getting to know them. With it being my first full year, I wasn’t really expecting to do great at competitions and I didn’t, but I managed to stay around the middle ranks every competition, which to me is a big success (hey, it’s better to be in the middle than at the bottom, right?). I also just learned so much about building (and robotics and engineering in general) which will always be a great thing to me.


As a 1st year independent team, I can definitely say that it was very nice being able to go to whatever tournament I wanted, and to decide what to do whenever.
I also enjoyed meeting all the other local teams, and we all got to know each other. They were all really helpful, and helped by robots go from ew to yes.
I also pulled 2 excellence and 2 tourney champs so that was nice. :slight_smile:
I also worked closely with my school’s team, and we became good friends, which was also a plus. Hopefully I’ll see even more success next year, and I hope to get more involved in the coding side of things, since I spent too much time this season trying to learn how to build.

Edot: that’s a lot of “I also”