Greatest 2 minutes of robotics?

I am so confused

Aren’t we all?

How can the greatest 2 minutes of robotics be less than a minute oof

uhhhhhh, idk thats what they say at the beginning of all the game reveals.

It’s actually LIT

Take this FRC memes

Good meme

Is this really what MD memes have come to… amdisappoint.jpeg

Yeah, that’ll show 'em.
Just like 7110’s reveal last year!


BUt haven’t we always been like dis

Believe it or not, young zippy, there was once a time when Maryland was an area somewhat respected, just like these forums. However, then, I ruined everything, built a banshee drive, won 3 events by playing defense, built robots in three hours that somehow didn’t fall apart during matches and actually went far in eliminations, and then we did that whole MDMA thing. The only reason I even decided to post on this thread was to try to put an ounce of shame in the ones that try to continue to represent MD with memes. That time is over. We can all move on and act like 1727Z/L/B/X/whatever didn’t happen. Memes kill dreams… I went from a winning jankbot to a mediocre sometimes finalist jankbot.

Also @Zach929Y should bear in mind that some judges are at the vex u level and see what people post on their channels and the forums. I may have been demoted from Ref to Queing staff at Northwest VRC, but I think I may start moving up in the world.

I mean, i think you are being a little dramatic. But i will stop since you asked so nicely.

Also, a joke video that isnt doing any harm to anybody should not have an effect on judging.

One last thing too, the drive POT was by far the best thing you have done.

I was just joking about the judging, I’m far to bias to be a judge in the next few years, and the video would never actually matter, though I would mention it for fun in the interview for fun!

Hahaha. I will try my best to represent MD well.

Zach we’ve been over this you can’t Y off a Y on your 3rd power expander from your second cortex when you’re grappling onto the field perimeter and possessing multiple cones.

that’s pretty dank, congrats to you sir :3

Gotta be 60x danker than 60x

What are uou doing that u have teo cortex and 3 power expanders