Green egg revealed!!!!!

I do have permission from team 44 to reveal this video! ENJOY!

Ger ger ger ger ger

I wish the full tip was recorded but what happened was they got that roller thing caught on my lift when I was raising and this in turn tipped them… So I tipped GER! :smiley:

at least the red alliance robot was really good!
(in both robot/drivers and strategy)

Thanks, that was our alliance :slight_smile: 2625, 4886a and 7033.

So is this green eggs robot or just a pre-robot to get them qualified for world?

This was a pretty cool robot that they made to qualify for worlds. According to their facebook, they are going to do a complete redesign before worlds. Can’t wait to see what they have then!

Well he didn’t expect to get qualified for Worlds at all, this was going to be his only competition, now yes, he is doing a complete redesign :stuck_out_tongue:

I was pretty amazed to see the difference between their iteration one bot for Clean Sweep and the one they brought to Worlds. This was a pretty nice bot but I’m sure by Worlds it will be amazing.

so going by that, this was the only robot and competition he was planning to attend all this year??

Well if he didn’t qualify, but he did, so now hes going to attend a lot more :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you talking about 7033 or about 44?

I think both… But I might not attend anything except for just worlds… maybe a scrimmage right before it…

Another video with Green Egg

Team 44 GER

Green Egg always has impressive robots, but look at those Red alliance robots controlling the entire match… very impressive

If ger could hold and dump more then it would be better. Because I noticed in the first video that they dumped and the were immediately descored. Will ger be using this in worlds?

That Is what you get when you put 2 Vermont Teams together along with a crazy good team from MA we are a force to be reckoned with! :slight_smile:

And no way green eggs would use that at worlds…

Didn’t think so…

No they will not be bringing this robot to worlds. Also Kyle, we had the best Southern New England team, 2625, combined with the best Northern New England team, 4886a, plus a good 2nd pick, 7033. But yes, the finals match 3, we would not have won without 7033 and his awesome blocking skills. :slight_smile: