Green Eggs Revealed!

ITs here on utube

I see they have a claw but they can expand to keep their opponents in the isolation zone. It seems to be a wall bot that can score??

It is a wallbot that can score…

Mecanum drive, looks like pneumatic claw. Very nice construction, wires seem vulnerable, though… :expressionless:

Wow, I can’t believe it was posted, I wonder if leland was okay with it :confused:

Its not mecanum drive, its holonomic omni drive. It was based of 4886c.

looks like mecanum though
it does the normal frontback, side side
and then the wheels drive the entire wall open
could be onmis too i guess

wall looks so fragile >.<

watched the vid a couple of times…
can they PICK UP?!
they only match loaded the claw that match

well worlds IS in 11 days only…
doesnt give anyone much time to do anything

I’m disappointed.

Pics? .

in what?
the robot, or the leak?

thought u knew the design for a while now?

@Murdo- it holds well though.

hey everyone, get on chatango!

The robot and no that was a joke.

That is pretty impressive. A wallbot than can score! Pretty sweet.
They may not have the best intake, but it works for them. When they stretch out to become a wallbot… that is pretty awesome.

Good luck at Worlds GER!

I am gonna release my robot soon. Its notting special:)

Date? .

I think someone has better robot then them. It is more efficient and works like a wall as well. The efficiency is like 404 or new zealands or wasabi

Like tesday or tursd@y or tommorow

It’s monday…
By tuesday and thursday do you mean next week? You said tuesday but you also said tomorrow…

I don’t need them, Leland told us that he has an 8 motor holonomic drive.