Green eggs!

Ok so we all know that Green Eggs is the team to beat, since they have won 3 world championships so far. My question is, does anyone have pictures or video of them in competition? I mean come on they have competed and no one has record of them? this seems very unlikly, so i am sitting here asking the robotic community to come together and reveal this TOP SECRET project they have competed with.

Teams know about Green Egg, but they don’t reveal things without their permission. Plus, if you were Green Egg, would you really want your design known? They won the innovate award, so its something innovative, that’s all I’ll say. Check out their newest blog post, its a good robot. Wait 2 weeks, then the world will see.

The team to beat? Green Eggs is one of the most respectable Vex teams in the world. They display ingenuity, brilliant execution and take the Vex competition to a whole new level. Respect their decision to keep things under wraps. I know the fact that they have an excellent robot built is extremely exciting – I can’t wait to see it either. Just hold on for a few more weeks. Show a little maturity, patience, and it’ll pay off in the future.

Chill bro.
Green Eggs are making an atmosphere as if they are gonna release iphone 5 :cool:
Just wait its almost in a week

I think we all know green eggs are going to have a robot that make you say “Why didn’t we think of that?!?”. But again, i don’t like what happened last year with green eggs. Someone posted a video of their bot, and not only did teams attempt to recreate the same bot, but teams attempted to make counter strategy’s(Which would have been fine, if it was revealed by them). Just wait for 10 more days, and then go to their pit on wens-day, and you could see it all you want. :slight_smile:

can you answer this one question for me…do they hop the fence, thats all i want to know:)

Yes, exactly. I mean some people do know, but if you want to see one of the most innovative designs, you must be patient.

Nobody has designed a robot that can hop the fence.

This is somewhat on topic, but I thought green eggs only won 2 world championships? Not 3. They won Elevation and Round Up right? Though they did make it to the world championship match in Clean Sweep if Im correct.

Also, with today being Easter and all, I always think of their team when the green egg comes up in that 12 Easter egg story thing for kids. :rolleyes:

2 world championships, 1 world finalist, but Clean Sweep Robot Skills World champion. Also, with no further ideas or topics coming out of this thread, can it be locked?

If they can jump over the fence, then block them, easy. There is always a perfect counter strategy for every robot!

If they can go undefeated and win an Innovate Award, it’s not as simple as that. There’s obviously something deeper, a different approach that isn’t easily countered or blocked. In both clean sweep and round up, Green Eggs saw that they had to go for such strategies – the “undescorables”… the goals under the ladder and the triangular goals.

lol they always think outside the box and make the best robot that they believe is possible. Unfortunately, if 677 wasn’t on their alliance they might have posted some videos, but alas they were together.

We can only speculate. One thing is for sure. They have a robot that can score otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to win. (But that’s common sense) Let’s just respect their wish for privacy.

Btw gate hopping isn’t really useful. The other alliance could just choose not to raise their gate until the last 30 seconds, in which it would probably take like 2 seconds to reach the gate 6 seconds to cross the gate and 4 seconds to get back up and when you finally cross the gate, there isn’t much time left.

Jumping the fence is illegal in almost all useful cases. Touching the floor tiles of an area with your robot is disqualifable by rule <SG14>:

The only time jumping is both legal and useful is when you obtain your negator, jumping the black fence grants a quick and (somewhat)unobstructed path to the opposing 30 inch, however, if they are smart, they would have doubled and guarded it by the time you got there.

I thought up a pretty good design for one, but we never built it, because it requires six double-acting pneumatic pistons.

What’s their blog site??

I predict they will be able to, from isolation, score in the across the wall 11.5s.
I know I designed a robot that can do this. :smiley:

But seriously, a little speculation is fine, but is this really necessary. Worlds is a week away people! Just hold on! If GER doesnt want it revealed, it wont be revealed. This thread is done. How about someone locks it?

I also had a design (I think) that would be able to do this. It was pretty late into the season when I thought of it though :frowning:

It would be nice if my bot could score Interaction 30" from the Isolation (when the gate is down). Our drive train is sooooo long though.

Green eggs will most likely cap goals with the opponents own game objects.

What? Why not cap the goals with their own game pieces. That way they get the points, not they other team. The other team is taking a risk un-capping the scored objects if they try to move them. One could accidentally slip out the top and fall to the ground. Then they (The team against GER) would be DQ’d.

vexengineer98, 1412E and my team thought up an awesome strategy that involved capping goals at US Nationals. It would have worked if all of our robots hadn’t died :wink: