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What is a good gear ratio for green motors on a flywheel? Here’s our current setup.

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2 motors with 600rpm (blue) cartridges geared 1:5 will be absolutely sufficient. You could make it work with one motor.


If the motor cartridges were green, then you would probably have to put in a compund gear ratio. Right now, if the green cartridges are in, then you will get an output rpm of 1000. I would recommend going higher. Perhaps (adding a compound ratio) you could mesh a 36 tooth with a 12 tooth to get 3000 rpm.

If you have blue cartridges available, then the output rpm is no problem.

It is recommended to use blue cartridges to reduce friction, because the more internal gearing you use (faster motor cartridges), the less you have to externally gear (which reduces friction).