Green Mountain VEX Challenge

It would be great to have more teams registered for this tournament on Saturday, January 21. It is the first VRC event in Vermont (to our knowledge). Currently only the two 4886 teams and six 40 teams are registered, and it would be great to have more! We have a new gymnasium which is quite nice. We have one competition field, but I’m pretty sure that Trinity is planning to bring a second field and run skills challenges. It is a world qualifying event with a limit of 24 teams, and is another chance for New England teams to compete! Hope to see you there.

P.S. one segment of FREE tank tread will be provided to each team that comes:D (I’m serious, we have too much tank tread, if you really want the free segment, you can have it).

haha free tank tread as an incentive to come. As tempting as this offer is (even though we have a roll 2.5 feet in diameter) i doubt my team will be able to make it (3 competitions in 3 weeks is a hair too much) even though small competitions are fun. but good luck to your teams and see you at QCC!

Lol we’re going to two competitions within the span of two days :smiley: Gonna be so much nerd fun!! Although thats in February…:frowning:

I really REALLY hope your robot does not break unless you’re screwed haha

Last year, before I joined, our team spent over $100 on tank tread…

what were you going to do with that much tank tread in round up?

Basically a claw made out of tank tread with paddles for the rings, sort of like many of the local gateway robots. It was our first design and our first year, so it kind of failed. We scraped it very quickly because it was very heavy, had a high CoG and fell over, and didn’t hold the rings very well. Also I don’t think our team captain knew how much he was getting when he ordered it.:stuck_out_tongue:

i could see the logic, we tried to make a “drill” that was on the outside of the rings it uh never seemed to hold more than 1 ring, but it could de-score great

Our robots tend to be pretty reliable. Plus, if it does break, we can build a nice claw bot or something the night in between the competitions haha.

yeah dont fix it or anything crazy like that just build a new one haha:D

Well, I’m assuming you meant seriously broken. Honestly, I can’t imagine our robot failing at all and certainly not beyond repair haha.

I have heard from my team mate that the Green Egg robot is planing to make its first appearance as this event. I know that all of you are eagerly awaiting seeing their design, so why not come and see it?:smiley:

Last night our two big teams A and B did really well and we might make it but we want to see how we do on the 14th and if we really want to drive that far haha

But on your way you get to see the great views of the scenic Vermont country side! :smiley:

If we manage to get 24 teams registered we will get 4 Qualifying spots.

We hope we will see you there.

You guys did really well. At the beginning we were considering asking to be a 3rd partner with you guys and montclair then blowing every qualification match, but that would be no fun. Its always strange when we know that we could have won the whole thing if we had lost more matches.

haha at qcc it would have took skill to blow every qualification match, there were two very separate levels of play and 50% of the teams couldn’t even score in the 12" goal and nicely put haha

I was saying we should have just missed our matches, haha. That’s one way!

or just score the opposing alliances color but you know when your red and you try and score blue the blue team always seems to block you i have yet to figure out why

yeah haha. Well when we were scoring blue we didn’t get blocked that much… too bad we couldn’t pick up the other alliances robot though.

someone did that to ours in the finals (our friends on team 40 i think) and slipped a blue barrel under the rear chassis support haha