Greenville VEX Coach Job available

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GHS VEX Assistant Coach - Greenville High School

Closing date: Until filled

Hiring Manager: Heath Jarvis
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No unscheduled or telephone interviews will be given.

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Job Title: GHS VEX Assistant Coach Wage/Hour Status: Exempt
Pay: Stipend Approved by GISD Date Revised: May 2014
Primary Purpose: The primary role of the Greenville High School Assistant Robotics Coach (GHS ARC) will be to assist the Greenville High School Robotics Director (GHS RD) in implementing the Robotics program at the High School. The GHS ARC will work directly with the GHS RD and other GHS teachers to enable the implementation of a robotics curriculum in the robotics class as well as establishing multiple VEX Robotics Competition Teams in Grades 9-12. The GHS ARC will support the students’ in the robotics program through modeling effective instructional practices, serving as a resource, and other duties as needed. In order to meet this purpose, the GHS ARC will provide personalized support that is based on the goals and identified needs of students in this program.
Minimum Education/Certification:
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
Texas Teacher’s certificate
Special Knowledge/Skills:

  1. Demonstrated ability to work well with other professionals
  2. Experience in research-based instructional practices
  3. Proficiency with curriculum software
  4. Proficiency with robotics technology
  5. Demonstrate a willingness to assume leadership positions
    A minimum of one year robotics teaching experience is preferred
    Working Conditions:
    Maintain emotional control under stress
    Work with frequent interruptions
    Occasional prolonged and irregular hours during Build Season, Local Tournament Days and Overnight Trip(s) to a Tournament
     Build Season begins for the GHS VEX at the beginning of the school year and lasts until mid-April. The Dates are fluid and subject to change. Build sessions occur during class and after school hours and lasts approximately 1.5 hours each night, 2 to 3 nights during the week (Monday through Thursday). Saturday Sessions may be needed. Dates and times will be determined after consulting with the GHS Robotics Director. Only 1 robotics coach needs to attend each build session.
     Local (Dallas Area, East Texas, etc.)Tournament Days - Local Competitions are normally held on Saturdays. The Assistant Robotics Coach will travel with the students on approved GISD Transportation. A Local Tournament Day is 1 day in length. The day typically starts around 6AM and can last until 7PM or later. The end of the day depends upon the location of the local tournament.
     Overnight Trips - There may be times when the competition teams will compete in cities where it is not feasible to make the trip in one day. In those cases the Assistant Robotics Coach will travel with the competition teams and stay overnight in a hotel. These trips will normally be of two days in duration over a Friday and Saturday.
     National and World Competitions – If/When a competition team qualifies for a national or world competition, the GHS Assistant Coach will travel with the team. These trips will be of 4 days or longer. The mode of transportation will vary according to the competitions location (airplane, charter bus, etc.). GISD will pay transportation costs, hotel accommodations and a meal allowance if funds are available. If funds are not available, then fundraising activities will supplement the needed funds. GISD does not pay entertainment expenses (Ex, Disneyland Park Pass)

Major Duties and Responsibilities
• Assists in Coaching the GMS VEX Competition Team(s) by assisting students with the design and building of competition robot(s), robot repairs, attending build sessions, attending all scheduled local tournaments, attending national and world tournaments when a robot(s) qualify if needed, ensuring that the proper level of student supervision is maintained (both at school and at tournaments), and assisting the GHS Robotics Director and the students in all tournament functions (Ex. Scouting and Alliance Selection, etc.).
• Help develop and implement the robotics curriculum and coach the GHS VEX Competition Team(s).
• Work directly with the campus administration and the GHS RD to make sure that the required skill sets are taught.
• Acquire a thorough knowledge of the robotics curriculum and subject matter.
• Assist students with specific classroom activities.
• Work positively toward meeting identified district and campus improvement goals.
• Demonstrate and apply active listening skills, non-threatening questioning skills, and provide reflective feedback to the students.
• Acquire a thorough knowledge of the robotics curriculum and subject matter.
• Work positively toward meeting identified district and campus improvement goals.
• Develop and maintain a confidential, trusting, and collegial relationship with robotics coaches/teachers and all other staff members.
• Attend workshops/conferences, as approved or recommended by the GHS Robotics Director for professional development purposes.
• Assist the GHS RD in communicating, in both verbally and written forms, with the robotics students’ parents.
• Attend all VEX Robotics Competitions that are scheduled (both local and national). Most competitions will be attended by the GHS RD, but there will be some competitions that you must attend as the only chaperone.
• Assists the GHS RD in discipline decisions concerning the GHS robotics classroom and competition teams.
• Assist the GHS RD in scheduling local tournaments. The total number of local tournaments will not exceed 6 and may consist of an overnight trip(s). A League, even though it will be scheduled over multiple days, will count as 1 tournament. The requirement for both the Head and Assistant Coach to attend each League Day may be waved for league play; therefore, only one coach may be required to attend. Tournament attendance decisions will be made throughout the school year as tournaments are announced and not entirely at the beginning of the school year.
• Assist GHS RD in planning and executing VEX events held in GISD. Currently this included 3 tournaments per school year, but this number could increase at any time.
• Perform all other duties as assigned by the GHS RD.
Equipment Used:
• Computer and printer
• Communication device for local district
• Robotics equipment
• Safety equipment
• Robotics Software including but not limited to Easy C/Robot C and Autodesk Inventor.
• Proficient in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher
• Knowledgeable in Google Docs and Google Forms

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required.