Greetings from... Nebraska!

We are team 3919A, the Fuzzy Wuzzys. We are a middle school team.

A little about our robot…

His name is Peter. He has a cage to pick up four or five rings at a time.
Peter has to prongs that can descore. He can drift-drive. Peter has an autonomous. All in all, he is good at both scoring and de-scoring.
We also placed second at Nationals.

Our members are:

Sarah-heyy, its sarah! im the person who talks 2 people for alliances.

Lexi- Heyy!!! its lexi and I talk 2 people with Sarah!!! (and no, I dont own a tractor)

Emily- Ello! I am the person who watches matches. I have to watch a couple hundred… yay. (I own a tractor, and we have 110 chicks in our garage… not as fun as you would think, ask Lexi)

All of the boys are busy driving, so we’ll just tell you their jobs.

Mark- main driver

Andy- secondary driver

Chris- helps with alliances, watches the table

Matt- helps watch matches

Zach- helps watch matches and alliances

Ben- programmer and driver

We hope to have a video up soon, so look for that.

We can’t wait to see you all!

Your fellow Robotics nerds,
The Fuzzy Wuzzys, team 3919A

You were a great partner in Nationals!

I am from team 8066a . I do believe i have seen you in the Orlando but i can’t seem to remember.

I remember seeing you also. Duh.