Gripper Debate

So I have some new progress on my project (that might be the worst kept secret in history). I am working on a gripper for it. I would love some feedback. I have a few photos below. Let me know what y’all think. I am not totally sold on the gripper yet.




The wheels are not locked in place, are they? Would they work better if they were not able to turn?

= Xander

Is there a chance the assembly could be flipped so the motor is on top?

Chris, I think that the second motor will allow the gripper to be rotated 180 degrees or more. However, there is nothing to stop the shaft of the third motor from walking free during operation. Mike, I would recommend that you treat the third shaft (the up/down motion) like you have done with the second motor, or else use a 2x2 plate and the shaft end that would allow for rotation.

Xander, wheels are not currently locked. I might give it a try.

As for the motors, they are not my concern. The shafts are not walking on me. There is enough torque to hold them in place. I have already tested that. I am looking at overall design. What have other people done?

Andy, this looks like a valid design. How wide do the grippers open? Do they have a limit on how small an object they can pick up? The only gripper that I have built is on the Clawbot, although I am going to try to build something like the sweeper design shown in other showcase posts. Currently I am working on a tracked base to put it on and will try to post pics of that.