Grounded in Houston

Thanks to mother nature, Houston airport cancelled all our flights to kentucky and any other connectors.
Luckily, we hired an 8 seater and a u-haul trailer.


14hrs over 2 days with a stopover somewhere.
See you guys at worlds on Wednesday, maybe, if we make it.

Good luck making it to worlds. Hopefully you won’t be late due to this.

We should have half a day spare

aaaaaand roads are closed left right and center due to flooding


Hope everyone including the robot can make it to worlds in time an unscathed.

Wow! We thought we had it bad with 17 hours each way, but you had that little hop from Australia to Texas…

Good luck! Any one bringing a didgeridoo?

yeah, we’re riding our kangaroos here now

I always keep a kangaroo in my back pocket for situations such as this.

when in doubt, throw a koala at the nearest person.

My high school headmaster was from Australia - fond memories of him bringing his didgeridoo to school.

it’s funny how many of the things that Americans think of us are not true.
The native Australians are the ones who have didgeridoos, it’s such a stereotype

Indeed it can be construed as a stereotype. However, you assume that my headmaster did not have one of his own.

@NattyMan0007 Please be careful driving - flooding is serious business in Texas. Safe travels!

is this like a weekly occurrence in Texas or the US in general?

when it happens, it is a very real threat. You will notice depth gauges for water levels where there are dips in the road in flash flood areas. Heed the warning markers.

It feels like it sometimes. We’ve been hit hard this year between the flooding, billion dollar damage hail storms, and the F3 and 4 tornadoes that ripped apart neighborhoods in Rowlett and Garland. I had several students that lost everything in the F4. I know members of 360 were in it’s path before it pulled up sparing them and thankfully one of my 7504X team members home was not hit, but was close to the devastation. Praying for all those dealing with this latest round of flooding and hoping that all those traveling are safe.

Hey, floods kill more people a year and do more damage than tornadoes, but are the tornadoes scary (We are in Nebraska, aka, center of tornado alley) If you ever hear the phrase “If your a train a comin’, run, run, run!” It is referring to the sound of a tornado. Not saying floods aren’t scary, but when you see a whole house fly off the ground, it makes you go (ʘ_ʘ)

And my best friend leaves for Kentucky tomarrow and best wishes for him and everyone’s travel and time in Kentucky, enjoy the fried chicken!