Grounded in Houston

That can be said for everyone. Strange stereotypes have emerged about everyone.

Anyway, good luck getting to worlds. It sucks that you’re getting all this bad luck.
You should get the “amaze” and/or the “inspire” award at worlds for that :wink:

Good luck. Our truck and equipment left today. Hoping our flights tomorrow don’t suffer the same fate.

yes pls

So how far did you get? Post some photos of the road trip.

Last night we stopped over in Texarkana, Today we will make the rest of the trip

Haven’t been taking many photos but i got our teacher to take a photo of the team so everyone can experience the dank memes that will be arriving at the worlds soon all the way from AUS.

I apologize for the blurry photo, our teacher is an adult and hasn’t taken many selfies before.

14 packets of funyuns, 6 drinks, off to the next pit stop

What state are you guys currently in?

Currently driving through Arkansas

Hopefully I will see you there and good luck with your driving and drive safe.

Was it like Home Alone? Hop in the back of a U-Haul and tenaciously fight your way to get to Louisville on time? I sure hope you guys make it in time!

But you have some excellent road trip opportunities here! Are your return flights intact or do you have to drive back to Houston since your leg there was cancelled?

Only 10 more hours of driving today. You probably have already passed, but in Memphis, stop off at Beale Street for some authentic Memphis BBQ! The Pig on Beale is some good BBQ.

Or stop in Nashville if you are taking that route. You’re young so Tootsies Orchid bar is out for some good country music. Grand Ole Opry is there too to see.

(do you even watch that in movie Australia? would you even get the polka jokes?)

I’ve seen Home Alone. We are going through both of those towns, not sure when we stop.
We just got through a 2 hour traffic jam on the I-40, where we moved about 2 miles.
Huge crash with a car exploded after a collision with a truck.

Houston Hobby is half empty today. No rain. No delays. What a difference a day makes.

Ill be following your progress over the airport tomorrow. Good luck getting to worlds! You seen to be makibg goof time :slight_smile:

Finally arrived at the hotel, made good time and got there at about 9pm, frantically changing some things on our robot.