Guide to how much metal a screw can bolt together

At one time I had a guide that showed each VEX screw length and how many pieces of metal that it would hold. It did flat parts, C-Channel back to back and across both sizes of C (1x2x1 and 1x5x1). It had common combinations.

It was helpful for new builders in getting the right screw lengths for what is being assembled. I’ve managed to misplace it. Does anyone have a copy of it laying around?



Hey @Foster, Have you found this? If you have, would you mind maybe posting a picture of it here? This sounds like a good resource to have.

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I did not, but the builders worked it out. Someone looking for a summer CAD project?

Hm… I’ve been spending too much time on CAD lately (when what I really should be doing is studying for AP tests)… Might give that a try.

AP Exams first, they are brutal. Then cool VEX stuff. I don’t want one of your adults calling me up going “Hey, you had @VexTeamZ do some CAD stuff and they got a 2 on the AP exam.” :slight_smile:


Lol, studying for exams, what is this nonsense?


I’ve been struggling with an inner war between robotics and APS. I’ve decided to let the robot do my APS for me


In regards to the original topic, I’m pretty sure aluminum channel is slightly thicker than steel channel.

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and to you, I recommend citing product specifications vs opinion!

Oxymoron much? Terry would think so

Not opinion, just what I remember from before I lost motivation to do any CADing.

Anyways, look under material thickness at the bottom of these pages:

your references support you opinion:
steel part - 1.17 mm
Aluminum part - 1.6 mm

Best to state these upfront in posts…

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Found this on Thingiverse.


Time to turn the 3D Printer on