GUS' GATEWAY Field Build Time Lapse

Hey guys,

Our field came in today, so I made a quick time lapse of me throwing it together!


can you believe how long it takes to set up one field? i cant wait till the qcc competitions where there are 5 or 6 fields to set up…****

I’ve always wondered, who sets up the QCC fields. My team always gets there right when the doors open, and the fields are already set up. Do the students of the Worcester teams set them up, do the college student volunteers do this, or do college faculty do this?

The reason I ask, is that for each of the competitions at QCC, the field was rotated 90 degrees from where the driver’s boxes should have been. Its not a big enough deal to ask them to change during the competition, but if I knew who set it up in the morning, I could at least point out what is wrong so that it can be fixed next time they host a competition.

I also am looking forward to the QCC competitions. See you guys there.


I know! I was thinking the same thing, I really had no clue how much it took to get everything put together! I have a new found respect for the people who volunteer at the competitions to set everything up, and tear everything down. See you guys at QCC!


last year it was a few of Worcester Technical High School students, faculty and staff from QCC and at 11 o’clock at night before a competition we really dont care if the fields are a few degrees off we just want to get home to sleep before the competition but i will look at that issue next competition thank you for pointing it out we never noticed it

and i cant wait for the next competition, team 27 (former 2625A) is up and already ready for a competition

thanks and it takes from about 2 when the qcc classes get out (and tech gets out) to 11 or 12 at night plus an hour before the doors open in the morning and tearing it down takes about 2 hours because more people are willing to help and taking things apart is always quicker than putting them together :wink:

and ill see you there too, ill be sure to come by and see the Nonatread