Guys please HELP out in the COVID - 19 CRISIS by doing this **VENTILATOR BUILD**

I worked hard on making an automated Bag Valve Mask Pump. This is essentially a VENTILATOR. There is a huge demand on ventilators right now. So i discussed a few models and linked the code down below the video. Please watch it and if you plan on making on reply so we can help out the doctors.

Bag Valve Mask

Since this is the off-season of Vex and you all probably have some parts remaining please consider doing this.

We need this to get popular so we can donate do doctors.
All the Code and information is in the description of the YouTube video.


If we can get a doctor in on this we can help them out. Right now they do not have much, so if we have something that is approved that would be awesome. If you guys could Share this with other people that would be great and help us get close to approving it.

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Cool idea but Doctors only use FDA approved ventilators. Ventilators are life saving and potentially life-ending devices if failures occur.


Yes, that is true but if this can get popular we can possibly get some doctors in on this. Through that we can tone the product and it can save lives. I still encourage others to build this, so if someone nearby that may need a ventilator can not get their hands on one, this could possible save their lives.

Please dont use this on humans - if they need a ventilator, they need one that can work 1,000,000+ cycles.

Put energy making other things …


That is why if this can get popular we can get a doctor to help us out with this. This is a prototype but with a doctor helping out we can get something very accurate.

Thanks Lyncas for jumping in here. Designing things like this sounds cool, but it’s really a lot of work. There is a good video of the Tesla setup and how complex the let air in, let air out, how much to push, how fast to push, etc. Tesla ventilator Model Zero and Pre-production

The post shows an respiratory bag which at best is to be used for emergencies. Having gone through EMT training, these are not long term things.

OTOH, medical people need help with masks, caps, etc. Plus help in keeping people at home and not out talking to other people within 6’ of them. So in the please help line, get people to stay away from each other.


Have a doctor help middle/high schoolers with near to no medical background build a machine that people’s lives depend on? Instead of having them help people in a hospital? Not to mention getting this approved for public use takes months (maybe years). May as well just let Ford and General Motors make their projected 1,500 ventilators in a month.

I understand if this is supposed to be like how FRC does scene setting for their challenges and this just a topical spin on that, but if this isn’t the case, it’s gonna be a hard pass from me


Yes, That is great. If we can get a doctor in on this we can help them out. Right now they do not have much, so if we have something that is approved that would be awesome. If you guys could Share this with other people that would be great and help us get close to approving it.

Yes, It will be hard to get it approved but if there is any chance that we can get a doctor in on this, we can possible save lives. If people can share it that would be good and get us closer to reaching our goal.

I don’t mean to be rude, but do have you actually been reading any of the replies in this thread? It’s not like you can just go up to a doctor and say “I have this piece of medical equipment, please use it even though it has neither been rigorously tested nor FDA-approved”. That would not go well for you. So please stop saying “If we can a doctor on this” because that is not all how stuff like this works. Furthermore, while it is good that you want to help save lives this idea is not a good one. As lyncas said, if a ventilator fails, someone probably dies.


But without a ventilator they could also die. If you disagree I see why. And i just want to try to help out so if you can share it, it would be great.

Washington State Governor just ordered to shut down all k-12 schools for the rest of the school year.

As for the ventilator, I am really impressed!


Thank you so much. If you could help share this around that would be great.

I was thinking about making a vex robot and attaching uvc lights to it and have it drive around. That would probably be helpful for disinfecting stuff, and if it breaks down, then no big deal, the doctors can clean it the normal way without putting anyone in danger.
Although the logistics of implementing this makes it impossible


This is seriously flawed as UVC exposure is extremely harmful to humans - so what happens when your robot fails and the UVC is still emitting? What fail safe do you have in mind? These are not hypotheticals, the requirements for developing reliable industrial gear that has to get approval to be in hospitals settings is far greater rigor than virtually every best VRC teams can achieve.

I would explore other projects that do not put humans at risk, no matter how well intentioned.


Yes, I have taken this into consideration, I was thinking maybe take advantage of the fact that the brain exits the program when it disconnects or fails, and that can shut off the lights.
But all of this is just speculation, we all know none of these ideas will really be implemented. Vex items just have too much restrictions :slight_smile:


So some of the things I am working on - 3D printing parts that are not going to be in the OR, or other critical environments, like ICU, printing mask straps that allow elastics from face masks to be supported by back of head rather than pulling ears out from head… I really do understand the urge to want to help, but important to calibrate efforts such they do not unintentionally cause harm.

It is good you all want to help.


If you really want to help with robotics (specifically V5), find a way to do something nice. A robot that delivers stuff to neighbors that are affected, a robot that does something practical around the house, or anything like that is the most useful thing you can build with V5. While making ventilators is a good idea, it is beyond the scope of V5 and ultimately you wouldn’t be helping anyone. Nothing wrong with the idea, but it’s difficult to accomplish. So help by keeping people’s spirits up. That’s the best any of us can do.

(Delivery robots OP)


I think we should all agree that instead of trying to make things for the hospital setting, we should try to make small things that are used on a small scale


One thing to look at which can save lives and requires much less engineering is hospital face shields. My local community has banded together with our local makerspace to mass 3d print them while work with a local company to injection mold is completed. I would push @Vineeth.S and others to look at this option in their local community.