Guys what's the best solution to launch dics?

Our team’ solution is to 2motor flywheel 4motor drive and 2motor intake.
But we faced a problem–how to send dics into the flywheel?We’ tried to use belt, meaning we have to make belt and flywheel share both two motors, which resulted once the flywheel start to spin, belt need to move.But this will lead to the limited time for flywhell to speed up.
We also tried to use Pneumatics. But we just don’t know how many time we can launch.( It’s the first time for us to use Pneumatics )
We try to solve this issue for a long time, but nothing worked, please help. I will be really thankful if you help me.

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Welcome to the forums! Please use the search bar next time! The type of device you are looking for is called an indexer. Here are some great topics on building ones without pneumatics- How to build the indexer without using pneumatics
Is it possible to build an indexer without using pneumatics or custom cut pieces like slip gears?
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My recommendation is to break your problem down - for example, lifting discs to shooting mechanism. There is a reference design called Disco that VEX released as a so-called “Herobot” design. Also, there is MentorBuilt design in 12 hours on the forum.

Once you have a reliable design for getting discs to shooting mechanism, it seems your next problem is programming, which is how can you tell your disc is ready to fly (flywheel, punch, catapult,…). that is where indexing is important - stopping disc from entering launch before it is time.

There will be a lot of problems to solve along the way, and MANY ways to solve them. You are early in the design process and asking great questions,

good luck! The best design, is the one that your teams understands really well and can reproduce over and over.


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@sunwater, many teams use what is called an indexer, as Ctou mentioned. Often, the intake will feed the discs into a holding spot, and the indexer will feed the discs into the flywheel.
It depends on your design, but you could also use the intake conveyour to feed the discs directly into the flywheel.


well, if the problem is having disc wait until fly wheel ready, just use a sensor … for example a limit switch, to tell if disc is in pre-shoot position, if so stop loading mechanism (preventing other discs clogging system), then enable flywheel, and run motor to load to shoot disc … In this case, you are not using motor to control disc flow etc… drawbacks is you are dependent on timing unless you come up with another system to block discs moving to quickly to shooting stage.

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The number of actuations you will get depends on if you are using 1 or 2 tanks, how many other pneumatic cylinders you are using, and if you are using a pressure regulator. Ideally you could get 60, enough to launch all the discs in skills, which will take some tuning.


Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I’m sorry to trouble you guys for this question. You know it’s pretty hard to ask questions in a different language that you speak.
And I’m using two tanks ,pressure regulato,and one pneumatic cylinder. So I can get 60 times to launch? If it’s true, then I will be pretty satisfied with the solution.

No problem, we love to help.
And yes, you probably will be able to if you use them correctly.

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